Who we are

Chinese Companies’ First Partner in 走出去 and Now 一带一路

China-i has been helping Chinese companies with their international investments since 2008. We have become leaders in 走出去 risk management, advising Chinese companies on the unique risks that they face when undertaking M&A abroad, or post-acquisition integration. We also offer a one-stop-shop covering M&A services, strategic risk management (social, stakeholder and other risks) as well as communication management exclusive to Chinese companies undertaking 走出去 and 一带一路.

The Company That Has Changed the Way China Communicates

We Help Our Clients Tell Real and Powerful Chinese Stories, Everyday.

Our company has been a pioneer of new Chinese-focused communication methods since 2007.

We have been involved in most of the most important communication landmarks in China for over eight years.

We work on strategic projects for companies where communication is crucial to success. We have worked with almost all spokespersons of all major ministries and companies. We have advised central, regional and city governments on strategic communication issues.

We work with the largest and most powerful Chinese companies and help them make a real positive impact using strategic communication and Corporate Social Responsibility to enrich and strengthen their brand. The best Chinese stories make the best brands.

We work with all the major departments of Chinese government responsible for communication. We advise them and have coached almost 2,000 major Chinese decision makers.