CSR: not as philanthropy, but as an integral part of your business.

China-i is a pioneer of Corporate Social Responsibility with Chinese values and characteristics. China-i has actively created and implemented sustainable CSR strategies for Chinese clients who became world leaders in stakeholder engagement.

CSR: rooted in your values.

Our experience shows that Chinese companies do best when they treat CSR as an integral part of their business model and not as philanthropy. We work with clients to devise CSR strategies are rooted in their values and which aim to create sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with their most important stakeholders, and leveraging synergies between relationships.

Active Global Responsible Investment: full CSR services.

For Chinese companies with international activities, we provide the full range of CSR activity strategy, implementation and support. Our team helps integrate CSR into your business plan to ensure success and sustainability. At China-i, CSR solutions are part of our Active Global Responsible Investment (AGRI) work.

Sustainable CSR = Profitability.

China-i offers full turnkey CSR solutions including some or all of the following services:

  • social license strategy,
  • social risk assessment and management,
  • Local central and regional government engagement strategy,
  • stakeholder engagement, with local communities, NGOs and other actors,
  • grassroots engagement and publicity campaigns locally and nationwide,
  • economic/financial alignment strategies with local communities with backward & forward linkages (advising on SME policy, where suitable, to create local business that could be part of the Chinese company’s supply chain),
  • local crisis management,
  • media relations management.