We believe many Chinese brands do not match the company values.

Chinese companies are some of the largest in the world and yet according to some sources, only one or two Chinese brands features in the top 100 global brands. We believe that most Chinese company brands do not clearly represent the values of their company. This is dangerous as research has shown that in most sectors, the brand of a company, basically its reputation, is its most valuable financial asset.

We have solutions.

Our company offers the following range of services:

  • Strategic risk assessment of the company’s international image and reputation,
  • Customised in-depth analysis of the political/social/cultural factors impacting on the Chinese brand or policy/message in question,
  • Full range of services of the Emo.Con Lab and the China Story Lab to design, build and communicate the strong messages and brands to different stakeholders,
  • Brand impact measurement and management of brand campaign.