3SRM: Risk Management Approach to Brand,
Reputation and Communication Management

Brand is the most valuable, and most at-risk asset.

At China-i we take an innovative risk-based approach to branding, reputation and communication. A company’s brand and reputation often is its most valuable financial asset. Yet, because it is not tangible, strategic risks that threaten are often left unmitigated and unhedged. Due mainly to this problem, and related issues, Chinese companies, irrespective of size, have not been able to create powerful brands to capture the hearts and minds of foreign and domestic markets.

Chinese companies deal with unique risks.

Chinese companies also deal with unique risks that come from the clash between their unique heritage and management style and that of local foreign populations and business partners. We have developed a highly successful data based model that uses risk management to help Chinese clients deal with the strategic risks and create globally and domestically strong brands.

We call it 3SRM.

We call it SSSRM. Sino Specific Strategic Risk Management or 3SRM to be short.

Sino: About China.
Specific: Because China Faces Unique risks specific to it.
Strategic: These are risks that cannot be resolved by financial means alone, but require others tools, such as communication and consultation tools to deal with social risk.

Some Strategic Risks:

Social Risk – Obtaining the Social License — Targeting risks at the grassroots to turn social risk into financial capital. Aligning the aims of the project with the needs of the local community.

Stakeholder Risk – All good relationships are build on trust. Identify your most powerful foreign stakeholders and devising targeted engagement policies for each group.

Cross-cultural Risk – Identification of common values and shared values is an important of the strategy.

All the above risks can have a combined financial value as high as the value of the project, if left unmitigated.