We help create “Policy Space”: room for acceptance.

We provide strategic advice and counsel for a range of government ministries. We help our clients in evaluating their exposure to reputational risk and to formulate solutions for communicating their policies more effectively. We help them create what we call “Policy Space”. This is akin to create room for their policies to gain acceptance more successfully.

We identity and manage risk.

We identity, pre-empt, and manage the myriad of risks facing key government ministries using our unique investigative and research capabilities. We work with these ministries to build their local capacities by implementing strategies and systems to manage crisis. We design and run tailored simulations to rigorously test the strategies of the ministries and their response techniques.

We have a close relationship with China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong since 2012.

China-i is proud to have worked on training the spokespersons of most major government and corporate institutions in China regularly since 2008. We are very proud to have formed a close working relationship with China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong since 2012. It is there that we have provided some of our renowned strategy and coaching services to central, regional and city government leaders.

China-i sits on the Environmental Public Relations and Strategic Communications Advisory Board of the MEP. We have worked very closely with the Ministry of Environmental Protection to provide them with a system for evaluating and mitigating societal risks as well as governance issues.