Our History

Our History

The founders of the company are both British and Egyptian. Born in Egypt, they grew up in the UK. But even before they were born the link with China was strong. Their father was a senior official in Egypt in the 1960s. There he met Premier Zhou Enlai during his visits to Egypt. Sameh and Samah grew up in a China-friendly home. Later they would turn their passion for China into a successful career.

In 2008, alarmed by the rise of anti-Chinese sentiment ahead of the Olympics, Sameh and Sameh recognised that China’s rise in the world caused unique and immense risks to China and Chinese companies for which China was not prepared. Such risks required unique solutions tailored to China’s conditions and the very particular challenges its companies faced abroad and at home. To assist China to deal with these very specific risks, China-i was founded in London, the centre of global communications.

China-i gradually gained a reputation as an advisory firm that helped its Chinese clients achieve success throughout the world using very innovative proprietary approaches to strategic risks such as social risk, reputational, political risks that were based on Chinese values of their clients. This ensured sustainability and success.

In June 2015 to cope with the rapid expansion and growth of our company, the company moved its headquarters to Beijing’s Chang’An Jie to better serve its exclusively Chinese clientele.

We continue to grow and expand because we believe in our clients, and their destiny to make the world a better and fairer place. This is the Chinese Dream that we share with our clients, and all the people of China and the world.