A brand is the heart of a company.

A brand is not a logo, it is not a slogan it is not a product. It is the essence of the company’s values, of its actions and of its people. A brand is the heart of a company and is its reputation, its calling card and its greatest tool for adding value to its work. Never has this been truer than in China, the biggest incubator for brands of the 21st century.

We work to create success from the inside out.

Private Chinese companies have high ambitions to create and become global brands. We work with them to create powerful and sustainable brands based on their values, actions and aspirations as Chinese companies going global while firmly rooted in a large and vibrant domestic Chinese market. We work with them to create success from the inside out. A brand is not only important for a company in its dealing with external stakeholders, but equally crucial in staying true to its mission statement and getting the best out of its employees.

We create strategies for evolution.

Chinese private companies need to also weigh the merits and drawbacks of either developing their own brands or acquiring existing ones to maximise their reputational capital. China-i has extensive expertise in creating and managing exciting and successful brands and creating strategies for their continued evolution.

We help companies with essential communication.

Private Chinese companies face increasing competition both at home and abroad and need to access both markets and knowhow and cope with increasing investor and market scrutiny. Strategic communication to their clients and other stakeholders is therefore essential, and not only at times of crisis.

We help acquisitions integrate.

Chinese companies also buy foreign brands. The acquisition of foreign brands is often the least difficult step of the process, easier than managing them and integrating them well into the existing Chinese company structure. China-i allows Chinese private companies the ability to maximise the return on their investment by optimising the integration process, both of the knowhow, management and technology value chains.