We believe that for Chinese companies to acquire more efficiently other companies’ assets abroad, they must do so with strategies suited to their unique type of governance that they follow, and the even more unique risks that they face. We rely on our international expertise and international network to ensure that our clients embarking on 走出去 do so in a way that minimizes risks before, during and after the deal and maximize引进来. China-i knows that a deal success is more than just teasers, letters of intent, due diligence and completion. It is about anticipating and managing the very circumstances, risks and complications that are inherent to Chinese companies buying foreign companies. Under one roof, our clients will find their target companies, professional execution, as well as integration services to help smooth out the critical post-deal transition period where most transactions usually falter. We also offer management adjustment, capacity building and media and stakeholder management.


The service has three cornerstones:

  • Identifying the best opportunities on a risk/reward basis
  • selecting businesses which genuinely welcome Chinese partners
  • using transaction structures designed to minimise risk to cross-border owner


  • Search for foreign opportunities
  • Introduction and negotiation of acquisition agreement
  • Post-completion support


  • Agree acquisition criteria with client including business profile, geography, size.
  • Identify suitable businesses and reporting to client
  • Introducing client to qualifying businesses
  • Assistance in presenting client as value-added partner
  • Offer and negotiation stage
  • Due diligence and legal stage
  • Completion
  • Post-completion monitoring

We focus on identifying opportunities which will be secure investments taking into consideration that the new investor or owner is based abroad. We often develop transaction structures that provide continuing motivation to foreign sellers to support the company’s growth following the transaction. This is often the best way to control risk and encourage continued growth.

Also, we identify opportunities which will grow in revenues and/or profitability by connecting the company to the Chinese market. Some examples of this synergistic potential include:

  • expanding some or all of the company’s production to China,
  • transferring technology and knowhow across borders,
  • or bringing a foreign brand into China.

We also offer the full range communications of services necessary for successful M&A success

  • Full communication and reputation management services during the M&A, as well as interfacing with and coordinating with your financial advisers to ensure a smooth transaction,
  • Negotiation and communication capacity building and support for Chinese leaders and negotiators during the transaction,
  • Capacity building Chinese cadres for post-transaction normalization process, e.g. dealing with foreign environments, identifying and dealing with risks.