What We Do

What We Do

We create brands with a social licence.

At China-i we believe that the world has changed. Brands can no longer just be seen to be caring and attentive, They must BE caring and attentive. They must constantly seek the approval of all their stakeholders in order to operate and be successful. We call this the SOCIAL LICENCE. The only Chinese brands that will succeed globally are wholesale hockey jerseys the ones who obtain and keep their social license.

We do M&A with a big difference.

We believe that for Chinese companies to acquire more efficiently other companies’ assets abroad, they must do so with strategies suited to their unique type of governance that they follow, and the even more unique risks that they face. We rely on our international expertise and international network to ensure that our clients embarking on 走出去 do so in a way that minimizes risks before, during and after the deal moncler and maximize引进来. China-i knows that a deal success is more than just teasers, letters of intent, due diligence and completion. It is about anticipating and managing the very circumstances, risks and complications that are inherent to Chinese companies buying foreign companies. Under one roof, our clients will find their target companies, professional execution, as well as integration services to help smooth out the critical post-deal transition period where most transactions usually falter. We also offer management adjustment, capacity building and media and stakeholder management.

Public opinion expects constant communication.

Foreign and domestic public opinion expects investors to have a good reputation Wholesale Hartford Whalers Jersey and they also expect to be constantly communicated to and consulted on about all issues pertaining to the companies activities in their country or immediate vicinities.

China-i is unique amongst communication consultancies.

China-i is unique amongst communication consultancies in using the “social license” as the basis of all its Wholesale Jerseys China branding and communication work.

We Harness Disruption To Create Harmony™

We are a group of people who believe that China’s arrival in the modern economy will herald the biggest change in global culture since the invention of printing. We want China’s impact to Wholesale NHL Jerseys 2020 be profound and mutually beneficial for China and the World. With the right values-based strategy, China’s disruptive entry in the world will create greater harmony for the world and success for Chinese companies and brands. In our world, everything is possible. We create Harmony from Disruption.

We live by Chinese values.

We believe that China is a good force in the world and that its brands, messages and communications should be based on the goodness of Chinese values, both traditional and modern. We live by Chinese values, your values, and we understand how to transmit them to a world that doesn’t know them.

China’s brands and messages will be different and will succeed.

Our people and company live by very strict values. We are fanatical about doing well by doing good because we believe that is how China’s brands and messages will be different and will succeed. They will not be based on hype because Wholesale NBA jerseys they don’t need to. Chinese brands will be based on the greatest story humanity has ever lived, the China Dream of the last 40 years and of the coming century. China helped its people to overcome poverty, now Chinese brands will help the world grow and become creative again.

We make the difference between irresistible and indifference.

Successful brands and messages establish a strong emotional bond with people which creates loyalty. To help its clients communicate with the global village, China-i is made up of unique people who are especially skilled in the art and science of emotive communication, the most powerful tool humanity has created. It’s what makes the difference between irresistible and indifference.

We are experts in excellence.

Our people are experts in branding, finance, journalism, manufacturing, mining, engineering, fashion, design, just about every aspect of the モンクレール ダウン メンズ global economy. But what makes us most proud is that they are experts in being excellent in whatever they do.

We reject impossible.

We reject mediocrity, we reject indifference, we reject impossible and we reject anything less than excellent. That is our promise to you. We want you to get used to expecting only the best. In the world that China faces, China cannot afford anything less cheap Pro Bowl Jerseys than the best. Our people are masters of the Best.
When we work with you, you will be family to us. Hand in hand, we will change your world by changing the world with you.