Belt and Road is both new and old.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is the 21st century’s most innovative connectivity initiative. In essence, it is a modern rendition of China’s historic land and maritime trade routes to Europe, the Silk Road. The land corridor (Belt) traverses the Eurasian land mass, whereas the maritime route (Road) passes through the China Sea connecting South Asian ports before passing through the Suez Canal.

China can succeed, if social risk is managed.

In every country that the Belt and Road link, China faces huge opportunities but also huge challenges and risks that are still to be fully evaluated. Connecting economies is much easier and more successful if China can succeed to link people, and China’s biggest risk in most BaR countries remains social risk. How can China share its development with and gain acceptance from the peoples living along the Belt and Road?

We have a successful track record.

China-i has a successful track record in assisting Chinese projects along the Belt and Road corridors. In 2013-15, we advised one major Chinese extractive industry client, Wanbao Mining, to resume a successful project that had met major difficulties. This now stands as a case study for Chinese companies’ unique and successful corporate social responsibility methodology. We were also strategic risk advisors on another major Belt and Road construction project that met with success.

We have solutions.

Our team is uniquely skilled in providing solutions in the following areas:

  • Providing strategic risk assessment of projects before/during/after bid, depending on the stage of the project,
  • Economic alignment of Chinese project with local economies to kick-start development,
  • Working with Chinese investor, central and local governments of investee country to create SME policies and lay seeds of industrialization,
  • Advising and helping implement backward and forward linkages between Chinese project and local and national economies of investee country,
  • Creating innovative, sustainable and highly successful stakeholder engagement campaigns, with mutually beneficial outcomes for investor and local communities.